Zoom 'Vejibag' Vegetable Crisper Bag
Zoom 'Vejibag' Vegetable Crisper Bag
Zoom 'Vejibag' Vegetable Crisper Bag

'Vejibag' Vegetable Crisper Bag


Vejibag is the healthy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, for storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. Stow all kinds of moisture-loving greens, carrots, celery and other produce to keep fresh and crisp for up to two weeks, by providing a humid environment that also breathes.

To Use: Vejibags create a superior way to care for fresh produce. Just like cut flowers, veggies need humidity and cool temperatures to stay vibrant and alive. Once you become accustomed to the simple process, you'll find it's easy. Don't let your beautiful produce go to waste. Treat your vegetables as living things!

1) Wet the bag, then wring it out.
2) Rinse vegetables.
3) Store in fridge and dampen as necessary.

Care Instructions: Turn Vejibags inside out and launder with fragrance free detergent. Air or machine dry, expect 10% shrinkage the first time as this is a 100% cotton bag. 

Standard: 11" W x 12" L

Double Pocket: 11″ x 14″

Large: 11' W x 17" L

Extra Large: 14" W x 17" L

Ethically made of 100% organic french terry cotton. Undyed, unbleached, and non-toxic. 

Compostable at end of life.


Maker: Veji Bag


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