Zoom 'Love Attack' Satin Scrunchies
Zoom 'Love Attack' Satin Scrunchies

'Love Attack' Satin Scrunchies


Mini Satin Sleep Scrunchies – the perfect blend of style and functionality for a blissful night's sleep. This set of four luxurious mini hair scrunchies is designed to elevate your nighttime beauty routine, ensuring you wake up with effortlessly gorgeous, kink-free hair.


Crafted from high-quality satin, these mini scrunchies are a gentle and chic solution to keep your hair in place while you rest. The satin material not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps reduce friction, leaving your hair smooth and kink-free when you wake up.


With a palette of four delightful colours, you can coordinate your scrunchie with your sleepwear or mix and match for a playful look. The compact size of these scrunchies makes them perfect for all hair types, whether you have thick waves or delicate curls. Plus, their gentle elasticity ensures a secure hold without causing any discomfort during the night.

Maker: Love Attack


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