Zoom 'Iris Hantverk' Nail Brush
Zoom 'Iris Hantverk' Nail Brush

'Iris Hantverk' Nail Brush


Perfect for Gardners, Artists and Craftsmen who are used to getting their hands dirty - this nail brush, in oil treated oak and Tampico fibre will thoroughly scrub and rid your nails of unwanted filth. The shorter stiffer bristles on the top of the brush access and clean under the nail while the the larger brushes underneath provide for an overall scrub. 

  • Materials: Beechwood and Tampico Fibre
  • Measures: 10 cm L x 4 cm W x 3 cm H / 3.9 in L x 1.6 in W x 1.2 in H

Sweden based Iris Hantverk's brushes are manufactured today much like they were in late 19th Century: every brush is handcrafted by a visually impaired craftsperson. All brushes are carefully crafted with natural materials. 

Maker: Iris Hantverk


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