Zoom 'Iris Hantverk' Bath Brush with Knob
Zoom 'Iris Hantverk' Bath Brush with Knob

'Iris Hantverk' Bath Brush with Knob


This soft bath brush has a round knobbed end for comfort while cleaning. The super soft bristles are pliable for a rejuvenating wash when lathered with soap.   

  • Materials: Oiled Maple and Horse Hair
  • Care Instructions: Allow the brush to dry while standing on the horsehair bristles - this will allow the moisture to be transported away from the wood. 
  • Measures: 12 cm  x 9 cm H /  4.7" x 3.5" 

Sweden based Iris Hantverk's brushes are manufactured today much like they were in late 19th Century: every brush is handcrafted by a visually impaired craftsperson.

All brushes are carefully crafted with natural materials. 

Maker: Iris Hantverk


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