Zoom 'Iris Hantverk' Bath Brush with Handle
Zoom 'Iris Hantverk' Bath Brush with Handle

'Iris Hantverk' Bath Brush with Handle


Bath brush in oak and horsehair with handle. Horsehair is an excellent material in bathing brushes because it is soft and pliable while it is sturdy and durable and has a certain elasticity. Along with a good soap, it gives a soft and comfortable lather for perfect cleaning. Allow the brush to dry hanging or standing on the horsehair so that the water is transported away from the wood that is more sensitive to moisture.

When using as a dry brush start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart. Use the same idea when on your arms, begin with your hands and work upward. Use firm, small circular strokes. Dry brushing is an age-old process of brushing the skin with a natural brush. Benefits to dry brushing include exfoliation, lymphatic support, smaller pores, reduced cellulite as well as a boost of energy!

  • approximate size: 15 x 3"
  • made with oil-treated oak and horsehair
  • will have slight variations in design and size as this is a one-of-a-kind handmade product
  • handmade by artisans in Sweden
  • sold individually

BRUSH CARE: With a little simple care, your brush will age beautifully and last for years. Clean your brush with soap and warm water, and let it dry bristles down. We recommend oiling the wood on occasion with food-grade oil. Allow the oil to absorb before your next use. 

Maker: Iris Hantverk


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