Zoom 'Grace&Stella' Scalp Massager
Zoom 'Grace&Stella' Scalp Massager
Zoom 'Grace&Stella' Scalp Massager
Zoom 'Grace&Stella' Scalp Massager
Zoom 'Grace&Stella' Scalp Massager

'Grace&Stella' Scalp Massager


Let your hair down.

This scalp massaging brush helps to exfoliate the scalp of dead skin cells and product buildup. Just imagine how much shampoo you've probably missed when rinsing...all that gunk can build up on your scalp and stunt healthy hair growth.


We hold so much tension in our heads, and scalp massaging is effective in releasing unwanted tension, promoting lymphatic drainage, and boosting blood circulation.


Even more, it stimulates and stretches hair follicles, allowing your hair to grow stronger, thicker, and healthier.


To Use: Use it in the shower with your favourite shampoo and conditioner or on dry hair as a massage treatment. Apply your favourite product to your scalp.

Hold the brush in your palm, pressing the silicone tips into your scalp with gentle to medium pressure. Working in small, circular motions, massage your entire head.


Rinse the brush thoroughly after use to remove residue. Air dry between uses.


Materials: Wood, Silicone

Maker: Grace & Stella


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