Zoom 'Peregrine Supply' Shave Cream
Zoom 'Peregrine Supply' Shave Cream

'Peregrine Supply' Shave Cream


Formulated to easily lather right in the container, with either a brush, or just your hands! Shaving Cream by Peregrine Supply offers an exceptionally close and smooth shave, every time.


+ Easily create rich, thick lather with either a brush, or your hands. The Shaving Creams lather up directly in the container, and wash easily from your brush and razor for easy clean-up.

+ Lanolin offers great protection for sensitive skin, and can help prevent razor burn, redness or irritation before it happens. Vitamin B-5 and Allantoin promote healing and keep skin hydrated & itch-free.

+ Natural "Silicones", derived from Olive Oil, lubricate and offer another layer of protection for skin, without clogging pores, or feeling heavy on skin. After shaving, the Natural Silicones leave skin feeling super-soft and comfortable. These silicones are also not derived from petroleum, instead using renewable sources (Olives!)

+ Dry skin is no more! Powerful ingredients like Oat Extracts help skin to better retain moisture, meaning that itch, dryness and flaky skin are a thing of the past.

+ 100%-free from harsh or damaging detergents or synthetic ingredients that can dry your skin out and cause sensitivity, ingrown hairs and more.

+Contains no parabéns, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrance, colours, silicones or PEG's

Maker: Peregrine Supply


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