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Jojoba Oil


Organic, cold pressed 100% natural Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seeds of Jojoba plant. 


  • Jojoba oil closely resembles the sebum of the skin and is therefore easily absorbed by the skin without leaving it greasy
  • Rich in Vitamin E. This helps eliminate free radicals
  • Promotes glowing complexion
  • Beneficial to acne prone skin
  • Soothes and moisturizes dry chapped and irritated skin and skin affected by psoriasis, sunburn, etc.
  • Ideal as a carrier oil. Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Absorbs quickly, non greasy
  • Maintains healthy scalp and encourages the regrowth of hair 

Directions: Use jojoba oil as an emollient for dry skin and dry scalp,  as a moisturizer after the shower,  instead of a shaving cream or as a massage oil. Safe to use on children and pets too.

Ingredients: Cold pressed oil extracted from the seeds of Jojoba plant. 

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing Type: Unrefined - Golden

Origin: Israel

Shelf Life: Up to 2 years with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight).


100 gram fills arrive packaged in glass dropper bottles. Fills over 100 grams arrive packaged in donated glassware, jars or bottles. 

Quantity of 1 = 100 g

Maker: Towne Goods


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